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1. Server Merges of Archlord

We would like to announce that

European server merges will be proceed to create a more exciting game environment for all!
As of JAN 14, 2010, we will merge the four European servers into two groups.

The list of servers that will be merged (see below)

Europe 2: Open a Combined Brumhart and Gaiahon World
Europe 3: Open a Combined Evengarda and Cyripus World

■ The Europe 3 server, a combined Evengarda and Cyripus will be under the PvP ruleset of Evengarda.
■ Tullan server will not be effected by server merges.

2. The New Europe Server ‘Deribelle’

After all the merges are complete, we will be opening up a new ‘fresh start’ server in EU territories. Transfer will not be allowed to this server after the merges. The new server is designed to allow players to start afresh in a totally new environment should they wish to do so and forge a new community instead of joining one of the newly merged ones.

Europe 1: Open a new Deribelle World

Deribelle Server Event (JAN 14th, 2010 ~ JAN 20th, 2010 GST)

■ Event 01

Increase in Amount of Experience Gained!

We will have 150% EXP&DROP Boost event only in Deribelle server.

Starting from the moment when new server releases, the event will stay for a week!

■ Event 02

1 Week Item Giveaway Event only in Deribelle!

Each day, you will receive different set of Chantra items!

The items will be automatically given to all on-line state users
and the event will be held each day for a whole week at a random time.
To get rewarded, you should keep your state on-line in game during the event period!

■ Supportive Events

GM's Event Support Such as a Monster Summoning Event will be commenced frequently on Deribelle!

We will constantly update the latest news and FAQs on the topic of the planned server merges.

As soon as additional information will be available, we will inform you right away.

Archlord Support Team


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