Inactive, again..

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Inactive, again.. Empty Inactive, again..

Post  Kruimeltje on Mon Jun 07, 2010 8:53 am

I know its not the first time, and I am really sorry for that.. But i opened this topic so you know why i'm inactive and that its not just because I don't want to play anymore.
Again, school and studying kills my free time. The only days I'm actually free were weekends.. But as I went out with my friends those weekends, I didn't had time to come online.
Also, next week i have my exams. And I have to study really hard to pass my year.

If i'm done with my exams and get passed my year I might come online more but that's not sure either because I probably have to do a vacationjob (Stupid brother..) to earn some money in July and in August I hopefully go on vacation.
But it's all to see what time brings. I really hope i find time to play, if not, feel free to kick me out of the guild if you need space or anything. I will try to come when i can.

Kisses and good luck, Krummy.

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Inactive, again.. Empty Re: Inactive, again..

Post  Melinoe on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:32 pm

Krummy u probably will get kicked =)
but there is no doubt that you are still a Dreadlord =)
whenever you have time again come play with us Very Happy untill then gl with school and jobs Smile

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