Hi all from DivisionRune

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Hi all from DivisionRune Empty Hi all from DivisionRune

Post  Perfectedhunter on Wed Jun 23, 2010 7:38 pm

Hi all,

Finally I have create an account on your forum !

DivisionRune are active and are recruiting people from Europa, they only need to speak French and hate Perverts ! We try to improve the union with Bane and Dreadlord. So improve the quality about communications, more help, we need to be a really union and fight together versus. Perverts and Titans.

Enemies: Perverts, TITANS, SantaSangre, Empire, STYX, SexPistols, Revolta, Condemned
Friends: Dreadlords, Bane, GreekWarrior, Requiem, Warlords, Rogue, Hardbelow, Imperator, xExileSx, DejaVu, ARMAGEDON

Please visit our forum at http://divisionrune.xoiit.fr

Actually we don't have full points to register on Castle, so maybe we try with an other guild to perform it. Lets go and see next week !


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